Renren Yang

portrait: Renren Yang

Renren Yang began his doctoral studies in the Department of Comparative Literature at Stanford in 2011 Autumn. He was born in Xiangtan, China and received his M.A. and B.A. in English Literature and a B.L. (Double Degree) in Sociology from Peking University. He is interested in 20th-century Chinese, British and American fictions and their cinema adaptations, particularly their ethical implication and gender/sexuality (re)presentation. He focuses on the integrative employment of stylistics, narratology and sociological theories in literary interpretation. He is also fond of Chinese cooking (Hunan Cuisine) and calligraphy (style of Liu Gong-Quan of the Tang Dynasty).


2011:   M.A., English Literature, Peking University
Thesis: "Complicated Ethics of Sincerity in Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent" (Adviser: Prof. Dan Shen)

2008:   B.A., English Literature, Peking University; B.L. (Double Degree), Sociology, Peking University
Thesis: "Focalization and Confinement: Reading Mansfield’s Three Stories about Characters’ Psychology" (Adviser: Prof. Dan Shen)

Mandarin, English, French, Cantonese


(Co-author) “Between Languages, Hither or Thither?—A Study of the Use of English and Academic Identities of Chinese Scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences”, in Linguistic Research (Issue 7), Institute of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics of Peking University, ed. Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2009: 181-90.


“To Seek and To be Sought: Transcripts Intersection in Zhao Zhenkai’s ‘13 Happiness Street’,” the First Annual East Asian Studies Symposium, the Dept. of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Stanford, June 2012.

“Literary Depiction and Film Adaptations of the Balcony Scene in Romeo and Juliet”, The Twelfth Annual British Graduate Shakespeare Conference, the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon, June 2010.

“The Philosophy of ‘Unity of Being’ in Yeats’s Poems”, Conference on “Sino-Irish Relations: 1979-2009”, the Embassy of Ireland and Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, December 2009.

“‘The Dead’: A Comparative Study of the Ambivalent Images in the Story and the Film”, “Irish Literature Symposium”, The Institute of Comparative Literature and World Literature at Peking University, Beijing, November 2007.

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