A Lecture Series and Workshop in Early Modern Literature

Renaissances is a forum for scholars of early modern literature, sponsored by the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages at Stanford University. The series intends to bring attention to work in progress, draw the different fields of European and American literatures into conversation, and energize discussion about the present and future of early modern studies. Several times during the academic year, we will present a public lecture by a distinguished visitor or colleague, followed the next day by an open discussion of a related paper, which will be circulated in advance. The meetings are open to faculty members and graduate students in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Recent visitors have included Josiah Blackmore (University of Toronto), Cynthia Brown (University of California, Santa Barbara), Frances E. Dolan (University of California, Davis), Edwin Duval (Yale University), Lynn Enterline (Vanderbilt University), Kenneth Gross (University of Rochester), Michel Jeanneret (Johns Hopkins University), William J. Kennedy (Cornell University), Lawrence D. Kritzman (Dartmouth College), Ricardo Padrón (University of Virginia), Richard Rambuss (Emory University), Timothy J. Reiss (New York University), François Rigolot (Princeton University), and Christopher Warley (University of Toronto).

If you would like to be informed of upcoming events, please email Randy Johnson or Ryan Zurowski.