Cultural Synchronization and Disjuncture

About Cultural Synchronization and Disjuncture

A DLCL working group devoted to cultural theory and Latin Americanism, CultSync celebrates its third and final year of successful activities with this colloquium. A unique discursive space on campus for sustained intellectual exchange on central issues of contemporary criticism, the group fosters dialogue that is not produced exclusively by or for Latin Americanists, but one that, while emphasizing the specific contributions of a Latin American point of view, examines broader themes. Activities have included roundtable discussions, public lectures, and talks by faculty, graduate students, and guests from the Bay Area and beyond. Chaired by Héctor Hoyos, participants have included Diana Sorensen, Pheng Cheah, Daniel Alarcón, Neil Larsen, Ramón Saldívar, Jens Andermann, David Palumbo-Liu, Élmer Mendoza, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Horacio Legrás, Julio Villanueva-Chang, Paula Moya, Neil Safier, and Ignacio Sánchez Prado, among other distinguished speakers.

International Colloquium on "What is the Contemporary?" 21 May 2012 - 22 May 2012
Colloquium with Sarah Quesada (ILAC): Reading and Discussion Session 7 May 2012
Lecture by Adam Morris (ILAC): “Whoever, Whatever: Latin American Explorations of Anonymity as Resistance to Empire” 30 April 2012
Amazonia Unmasked: Observing and Collecting in an Eighteenth-Century Philosophical Voyage 3 February 2012
Lecture by Horacio Legrás (UC-Irvine): "Fantasy and Ideology in the Study of the Mexican Revolution" 12 October 2011
Lecture by Jens Andermann (Birkbeck College, University of London School of Arts): The Garden and the Journey: On Landscape and Modernity in Latin America 27 May 2011
Lecture by Estelle Tarica (UC–Berkeley): The Demands of the Times: Holocaust Discourse in Dictatorship Argentina 13 May 2011
Symposium by Paula Moya (Stanford–English), Julio Villanueva Chang (Etiqueta Negra), and writer Daniel Alarcón: "The Global Impact of Latin American Literature" 29 April 2011
Lecture by Marcela Junguito (Stanford–ILAC): "Theorizing Hispano-Americanism" 15 April 2011
Lecture by Román de la Campa (U Pennsylvania): Roberto Bolaño and the Question of Literature 25 February 2011
Lecture by Charles Kronengold (Stanford–Music): "Carpentier's 'Concierto' and the Swirl of Inhuman Forces" 4 February 2011
Lecture by Marília Librandi Rocha: Ideas out of Place or Inside a Body? 14 January 2011
"Asynchronicity: Cultural Theory in Comparison." Keynote by Diana Sorensen (Harvard); talks by Neil Larsen (UC Davis), Ignacio Sánchez-Prado (Washington U St. Louis), Pheng Cheah (UC Berkeley), Héctor Hoyos (Stanford), and guest writer Élmer Mendoza. 28 May 2010
Workshop: Colloquium preparation readings 21 May 2010
Ramón Saldívar: "States of Fantasy and the Transnational Imaginary" 7 May 2010
Ewa Domanska: "Manuel de Landa: Structure Without Structuralism" 23 April 2010
“Compared Colonialities”: A Conversation with Vincent Barletta, Elisabeth Boyi, and Saikat Majumdar. 2 April 2010
Oliver Kozlarek: “Octavio Paz - In the Labyrinth of Postcolonial Experiences” 5 March 2010
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht and David Palumbo-Liu: “Streams of Cultural Capital and its Afterlife” 19 February 2010
Harris Feinsod: “World War II and the Inter-American Turn in Poetry.” 5 February 2010
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