Russian Literature Courses

Instructor Term
SLAVIC 115 Between Europe and Asia: Introduction to Russian Culture Lazar Fleishman Spr
SLAVIC 129 Poetry as System: Introduction to Theory and Practice of Russian Verse Lazar Fleishman Aut
SLAVIC 145 Age of Experiment: Russian Literature in 1820-1845 Lazar Fleishman Aut
SLAVIC 146 The Great Russian Novel: Theories of Time and Action Monika Greenleaf Win
SLAVIC 147/347 Modern Russian Literature and Culture: The Age of War and Revolution Lazar Fleishman Spr
SLAVIC 156 Nabokov in the Transnational Context Monika Greenleaf Aut
SLAVIC 179/379 Literature from Old Rus' and Medieval Russia Alan Timberlake Spr
SLAVIC 187/387 Russian Poetry of 18th-19th century Lazar Fleishman Win
SLAVIC 188 20th century Russian Poetry: From Aleksandr Blok to Joseph Brodsky Lazar Fleishman Win
SLAVIC 190 Tolstoy's Anna Karenina in Dialogue with Contemporary Philosophical, Social, and Ethical Thought Gregory (Grisha) Freidin Win
SLAVIC 194/394 Russia: Literature, Film, Identity, Alterity Aut
SLAVIC 195/395 Russian and East European Theater Monika Greenleaf Aut
SLAVIC 198 Writing Between Languages: The Case of Eastern European Jewish Literature Gabriella Safran Spr
SLAVIC 200 Proseminar in Literary Theory and Study of Russian Literature Gregory (Grisha) Freidin Aut
SLAVIC 225 Readings in Russian Realism Gabriella Safran Spr
SLAVIC 229 Russian Versification: Poetry as System Lazar Fleishman Aut
SLAVIC 230 18th Century Russian Literature Win
SLAVIC 235 Late and Post-Soviet Literature Spr
SLAVIC 236 The Russian Long Take Nariman Skakov Aut
SLAVIC 251 Dostoevsky: Narrative Performance and Literary Theory Monika Greenleaf Spr
SLAVIC 270 Pushkin's Golden Age Monika Greenleaf Win
SLAVIC 300B Research Tools and Professionalization Workshop Gabriella Safran Aut
SLAVIC 311 Introduction to Old Church Slavic Alan Timberlake Spr
SLAVIC 315 Isaac Babel and His Worlds Gregory (Grisha) Freidin Win
SLAVIC 327 Boris Pasternak and the Poetry of the Russian Avant-Garde Lazar Fleishman Win
SLAVIC 340 Russia’s Castaway Classic: Andrei Platonov Nariman Skakov Win
SLAVIC 77Q Russia's Weird Classic: Nikolai Gogol Lazar Fleishman Aut
SLAVIC 78N Poetry to Prose: The Birth of the Great Russian Novel in Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin Lazar Fleishman Spr