Spanish Literature Courses

Instructor Term
COMPLIT 142 The Literature of the Americas Win
ILAC 103N The Millenium Novel in Latin America Jorge Ruffinelli Win
ILAC 110 Spanish Society in the 21st Century Throughout Film Miquel Bota Burgues Spr
ILAC 114N Lyric Poetry Michael Predmore Aut
ILAC 115/315 A short history of Iberian cinema Joan Ramon Resina Win
ILAC 116 Approaches to Spanish and Spanish American Literature Cintia Santana Aut
ILAC 120 Advanced Critical Reading in Spanish Lisa Surwillo Win
ILAC 130 Introduction to Iberia: Cultural Perspectives Michael Predmore Win
ILAC 131 Introduction to Latin America: Cultural Perspectives Héctor Hoyos Aut
ILAC 133N The Animal Within: Animal Presence in Latin American Narrative Ximena Briceño Aut
ILAC 134 In the First Person: Representation of the Self in Modern Latin America Ximena Briceño Aut
ILAC 135 From Book to Screen: Brazilian Novels and Their Film Adaptations Ximena Briceño Win
ILAC 136 Modern Iberian Literatures
ILAC 140 Migration in 21st Century Latin American Film Ximena Briceño Aut
ILAC 143 The Latin American Women's Novel Adam Morris Win
ILAC 145 Poets, Journalists and Collectors: Latin American Modernismo Ximena Briceño Spr
ILAC 157 Medieval and Early Modern Iberian Literatures Aut
ILAC 161 Modern Latin American Literature Win
ILAC 175 Daydreaming in Portugal and Brazil Karen Sherwood Sotelino Spr
ILAC 193 The Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar Joan Ramon Resina Spr
ILAC 193 The Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar Win
ILAC 210 Queer Almodovar Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano Spr
ILAC 217 Spain and Catalonia face to face. History, Literature and the Arts within two European national traditions (1893-1975) Patrizio Rigobon Aut
ILAC 218 Anticlericalism in the Iberian Novel of the 19th Century Lisa Surwillo Spr
ILAC 223 The Generation of 1898 and Beyond Michael Predmore Win
ILAC 225E Theater, Society, and Politics in 20th-Century Spain Lisa Surwillo Spr
ILAC 240E Borges and Philosophy Héctor Hoyos Aut
ILAC 241 Fiction Workshop in Spanish Cintia Santana Win
ILAC 242 Poetry Workshop in Spanish Cintia Santana Spr
ILAC 243 The Millenium Novel in Latin America Jorge Ruffinelli Aut
ILAC 251 Latin American Literary Theory Jorge Ruffinelli Win
ILAC 254 Surrealism in Latin America and Spain (Poetry and Fiction) Spr
ILAC 257 Dictatorships in Latin America through testimonies and film (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay in the 70s) Jorge Ruffinelli Spr
ILAC 275 Topics in Nineteenth-Century Iberian Studies Lisa Surwillo Spr
ILAC 276 Aesthetics, Revolutionaries, and Terrorists Jorge Ruffinelli Spr
ILAC 277 Spanish in Society Aut
ILAC 278 Senior Seminar: Early 20th Century Lyric Poetry (Machado, Jimenez, Lorca) Michael Predmore Win
ILAC 278A Senior Seminar: Cuba from Beginning to End Jorge Ruffinelli Spr
ILAC 280 Latin@ Literature Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano Aut
ILAC 287 Queer Raza Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano Aut
ILAC 305 Rhythm: Ethics and Poetics of the Premodern Vincent Barletta Aut
ILAC 309 First Year Writing Workshop Lisa Surwillo
ILAC 320 The Biographical Space in Contemporary Culture Spr
ILAC 332 Race and Slavery in Nineteenth Century Spain Lisa Surwillo Aut
ILAC 335 Materialism and Literature Héctor Hoyos Win
ILAC 336 Early 20th Century Iberian Poetry Michael Predmore Spr
ILAC 345 Biopolitics and Sovereignity in Andean Culture, 1920-1940 Ximena Briceño Win
ILAC 380E Critical Concepts in Chican@ Literature Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano Aut
ILAC 389E Queer of Color Critique: Race, Sex, Gender in Cultural Representations Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano Spr