helga's project

Hello All,

This is a link in response to Helga's fantastic research topic; just came to my mind as I was reading Helga's mail. It's not exactly dealing with the same questions, but related, I think, and useful nevertheless--and quite an impressive website. It's part of a new research project by Maria Hoehn at Vassar, in collaboration with the GHI; she has worked at the intersection of American and German Studies:

"Together with Martin Klimke, Höhn is currently writing a history of the experience of African American soldiers, activists and intellectuals in Germany during the 20th century, entitled From DuBois to Obama: The Civil Rights Struggle, African American GIs, and Germany. Her collaboration with Martin Klimke has also resulted in an educational website and archive related to that topic (http://aacvr-germany.org/)."

quoted from Hoehn's faculty page: http://internationalstudies.vassar.edu/hoehn.html