Wilder's "A Foreign Affair" film--to get you going

for next Wednesday


Viewing Suggestions for A FOREIGN AFFAIR (1948)

directed by BillyWilder


Alison Stewart


The film is available for viewing as VHS in the basement ofGreen Library in the Media Microtext room (ask for ZVC6888)).  Since the copy of the film there is abit delicate, you should seek out a Samsung VCR (back right, etc.) because theyseem to work better for this type of film. With another VCR the film stoppedrepeatedly and missed parts.  Iwould also recommend a larger screen TV for better viewing, again in the backarea.


The film is 1 hour 49 min. long.  Be sure to take a look at the segments below

 (timesapproximate).  Questions/issues andbackground info. will follow another day.

I wanted to get this out early enough before any of youbegin your viewing.


Wilder was from Berlin and he shows post-war Berlin throughtwo women and the American soldier they both “love”: one a sophisticated Germannight club singer (Erika Von Schlütow, Marlene Dietrich) and the other apuritanical American congresswoman (Phoebe Frost, Jean Arthur).  This contrast sets the scene forWilder’s comedy amidst the rubble of a destroyed Berlin (note the song titlebelow) including the Brandenburg Gate. Leitmotifs to watch for include silk stockings, a chocolate cake, andthe Nazi connections of Erika and her image of past decadence.   (see the attachment for more informatio)

Wilder discussion by Stewart.doc35 KB