For Thursday (7/30): Gidget & Sontag (Part 1)

Hi, all --

For Thursday's (our last) discussion we have three fascinating perspectives.  Susanne is handling Arendt.

As support for our discussion of Gidget, I am attaching some materials.  The first couple pages offer background on the Kohner family (especially Frederick); the remainder identifies key themes, issues, questions related to the text and should serve to stimulate discussion.

The Sontag material will have to come to you in two parts.  What I am posting tonight are the earlier versions of Sontag's Mann pilgrimage.  "Pilgrimage" as we have it from S. Dowden's book is a reprint of Sontag's 1987 New Yorker article.  But especially with the 2008 publication of the first volume of her journals (covering 1947-1963), we now have her contemporary account of the visit.  I have included all other Mann references that I caught in reading this volume.  Finally, I have also appended a brief 1978 account she gave in an interview of the visit to Mann.  For any of you who like to start by interrogating the text, you're likely to be richly rewarded.  Enjoy!

ASAP I will post some basic Sontag info and some questions/ideas for how we might investigate this chapter of Sontag's early career as the meeting of German exile and emerging self-defined intellectual exile.

Appreciatively,  Mary
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