Proposed Questions For Our "Metropolis Discussion"

Discussion Questions:
1.  Do you see the film as a whole work or more as a disjunctive set of parts?
2. How do you interpret/react to the montage scenes? How generally do you see the role of the camera?
3.  Echoing Kracauer, Ian Roberts  presumes upon Lang’s intentions  in the making of Metropolis  in his book German Expressionist Cinema  (2008) He states that Lang’s intentions in making a futuristic film on the heels of his film Die Nibelungen,  in which he showcases Germany’s glorious past of “myth, magic and heroism” , were those of warning of things to come based on the present day situation. Do you agree or disagree with that presumption?
4. How do you interpret the ending?  
5.  Ostensibly what  is included in a film is equally important as what is left out.  Why do you suppose Lang does not include any politicians, police officers or any other civic official?
6.  Is Metropolis  an allegory in the biblical sense of the people awaiting their Messiah, or is it a Marxist critique of alienation and exploitation?
7.  Which of the following do you view as the main nexus of the film: workers v. owners, men v. women, technological progress v. technological trauma?