What is epic theatre?

For Monday's 3 penny opera: I am sending a strange pdf . This is the article in Illuminations by Benjamin. I will try to attach it here. My husband made the pdf for me at his office, so he did it one page at a time...and it is slightly out of focus. Sigh. so much for beggar's operatics.

If you can come a bit early to class on Monday to work with a short reading of a scene for class, that would be greatly appreciated. All voices welcome. If you have the text in German, please bring that to class. What fun! Also please look at Youtube for some beijing opera bits. If you can see "The Fisherman's Revenge" that is the very brief scene of Beijing Opera that Brecht saw in Moscow in 1935. He saw it performed by Mei Lanfang (1994-1961), who was on one of his famous tours. He adapted and finished Three Penny Opera in 1928.  While Brecht was "inspired" by Mei Lanfang's performance, it is greatly debated in Asian Theatre circles how much "influence" traditional Beijing Opera or any traditional Asian performance forms had on his theories of performance. This transfer of Asian elements/theories of performance and art practice to Western performance and other art practices is a minefield of questions and contestations.  For now, consider what you may know about "stylized" performances styles such as Ballet, mime, commedia ... or in Asian forms such as Balinese or Javanese wayang kulit (shadow play), Topeng, mask dance drama, Japanese Noh, mask dance/opera theatre, bunraku (doll puppet/music/narrator theatre), kabuki drama/dance gesture theatre, Beijing Opera a dance/theatre operatic form, and The Eight Model works dance/drama gesture theatre, etc.

Questions to consider will be delivered tomorrow!