Ideas for 3 Penny and Brecht

Dear All: Please bring your play text to class. 

Background: If anyone has done research on the Weimar Republic and knows more specifics on how the Weimar authorities, system, etc. are reflected in our play, please feel free to share your knowledge. 


With the theme of this week having to do with women and in this case female characters in a play, think about how the female characters reflect, reject, subvert, and/or re-inscribe the New Woman (in the Weimar era), the female roles of various classes, the female roles we witnessed in The goddess, and Metropolis. 

While the female characters may seem to be"stereotypes," how do these types work? How might these types besubversive and/or reflective of a whole system of political degradation andmanipulation? Could these character types entertain and skewer the socialsystems simultaneously? Use examples from the play where the reading of ascene will demonstrate through stylization and the A-effect, how the types can makethe audience reflect on the content, while enjoying but not"identifying" with the characters. 



Pick a favorite song. What does the song do in the scene? How does singing work in this play? If you think about singing as an "act" and speaking as another kind "act": How are they different? What are their different potentials in drama and politics? 

Come prepared to sing!