Dear all, As we seem to fly through our discussions, I keep forgetting to ask everyone who has mentioned a special "source" (a book, an author, an article, a film) that they have found relevant to the discussion and/or their research, to please post these sources to the blog. To begin this helpful list for teaching and/or research, I suggest The Drama Review 43,4 (T164) Winter 1999 issue that is dedicated to new research on Brecht including "Brecht, Feminism, and Chinese Theatre," Carol Martin; "Newness and Pleasure: Mahagonny Songs" Hans-Thies Lehmann;"Brecht's Modernity", Friedrich Dieckmann; "German Brecht,European Readings," Helene Varopoulou; The Performance of Translation: Benjamin and Brecht on the Loss of Small Detail," Patrick Primavesi, etc. all available in Project Muse data base. One more is the Asian Theatre Journal, "Alienation-Effect for whom? Brecht's mis-interpretation of the Classical Chinese Theatre," Min Tian, Vol 14, Fall 1997. These do not represent my views but add to the k