Past Events: Presence (2009-10)

“Presence: Transcultural Dialogues and Poetic Exchange”, a workshop co-chaired by H.U. Gumbrecht, J.R. Resina and Marília L. Rocha, and coordinated by Hsiao-Shih (Raechel) Lee and Mark Bajus, graduate students at ILAC

(January 29-30, 2010)
Trans-poetic Exchange: Around Blanco and Campos de Paz Colloquium. Co-sponsored by Stanford Institute for Creativity & the Arts (SICA). A two-day art event and colloquium where video poems, poetry readings, and scholarly debates were dedicated to the poem "Blanco" by Octavio Paz and its transcreation by the poet of "Galaxies", Haroldo de Campos, in a comparative perspective.  

 Colloquium “Campos de Paz”.  Luiz Costa Lima (PUC-Rio de Janeiro); Roland Greene (Stanford University); K. David Jackson (Yale University); João Adolfo Hansen (University of São Paulo); Robert Harrison (Stanford University); Marília Librandi Rocha (Stanford University); Marjorie Perloff (Stanford University); Joan Ramon Resina (Stanford University); Enrico Mario Santí (University of Kentucky)
Blanco (film): directed and presented by Frederic Amat (artist, Catalonia)

Multimedia Poetry Show. “Around Blanco”. (Pigott Theater). Video-poems and Direction: André Vallias / Poets: Antonio Cicero, Brazil; Jerome Rothenberg, US; Keijiro Suga, Japan


February 18, 2010. "Hansen & Gumbrecht via Machado de Assis".

December 3, 2009. Lecture "Brazil , Argentina and Uruguay: Shakespearean Countries?". João Cezar de Castro Rocha, Professor of Comparative Transatlantic Studies at the University of Manchester.

November 18, 2009. Poetic Presence: Octavio Paz and Haroldo de Campos. ILAC Graduate Students Presentation (II): Zachary Ashby: “Haroldo de Campos Eats the Iliad: A Look at Transcreation.” / Raechel Lee: “‘Textos-espelhos:’ A Comparative Study of Wang Wei and Haroldo de Campos” / Todd Mack: “A Galactic Feast: The Baroque, The Synchronic Perspective, and Anthropophagy in Galáxias by Haroldo de Campos”

November 11, 2009. Poetic Presence: Octavio Paz and Haroldo de Campos. ILAC Graduate Students Presentation (I). Mark Bajus: “Beating Paz: ‘Canción,’ Denise Levertov's Transcreation  of ‘Blanco.’” and  William Viestenz: “Ekphrasing the Imaginary in Octavio Paz’s ‘Fábula de Joan Miró.’”