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Digital Humanities 3 8 Join
Exiles dlcladmin 1 4 Join
Performance 11 25 Join
Humanities Education yevgenya@stanfo... 5 17 Join
Exile Cultures Discussion of Cultures in Exile: writers, artists, and other intellectuals compelled to move to foreign countries and how they address dislocation 2 17 Request membership
Treating the Trata after 1808: The Historiography of Ignorance and the Spanish Slave Trade The aim of this colloquium is to interrogate the silence around the slave trade of the post 1808 period from the perspective of Spanish literature. dianejak@stanfo... 2 3 Join
Tangible Thoughts The aim of this workshop is to connect Literary Theory to Anthropological concepts in order to rethink our approach to Fictional Texts, with a speci mariliar@stanfo... 16 20 Join
Performing Trobar The Troubadours Art Ensemble, an ensemble composed of internationally recognized performers of medieval lyric, will visit Stanford in Spring 2009. 4 3 Join
The Renaissance Body Project As human dissections were more widely authorized and practiced in the Renaissance, they revolutionized not only the "body" of knowledge on human anato dianejak@stanfo... 0 2 Join
Philosophy and Literature The initiative in Philosophy and Literature brings together Stanford’s vibrant group of literary scholars and its renowned philosophy department... dianejak@stanfo... 18 4 Join
Modern Hebrew Literature Initiative The Modern Hebrew Literature Initiative, currently in its third year, is sponsored by the curriculum development fund of the DLCL Research Unit. 1 2 Join
The New Ruralism Pinpointing precisely when the urban milieu became the de rigueur setting for both literary production and its corresponding criticism is a difficult viestenz@stanfo... 1 3 Join
Humanistic Perspectives on International Issues "Security, Governance, Well-Being." These three terms define the leading edge of Stanford University’s International Initiative... 0 2 Join
Mantis Mantis was born out of the desire to facilitate conversation among the variety of writers engaged in the practice of poetry and poetics today. 2 3 Join
French Republicanism and the Atlantic Tradition This collaborative, interdisciplinary workshop will be held at Stanford in the fall of 2008. 3 3 Join
Contemporary History and the Future of Memory chaired by Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi dianejak@stanfo... 9 4 Join
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