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Diversity in Language

Diversity in Language investigates the theoretical and pedagogical implications of "diversity" in a variety of contexts: among different languages, between specific languages and a putative universal model, within individual languages, and within the speech or writing of individual speakers. Participants share a concern with specific languages and language families, rather than language as an abstract model primarily informed by English. Our investigations of diversity will lead to new perspectives on continuing debates such as whether language is hard-wired or learned; to what extent language is determined purely by communicative or expressive needs; how variations in a single language may be associated with sociological or geographic subgroupings; how diversity within a language relates to the ideology of "standard" language; and how and why individual speakers use diverse varieties and styles of language.


We are resuming our work after a hiatus last year. Please check back soon for more information and public events.

About the Chairs

  • Yoshiko Matsumoto is associate professor of Japanese language and linguistics and coordinator of the Japanese Language Program.
  • Orrin "Rob" Robinson is professor of German Studies and director of the Introduction to the Humanities program.
  • Peter Sells is professor of linguistics and Asian languages.


For more information about Diversity in Language, please contact Yoshiko Matsumoto, Rob Robinson, or Peter Sells.

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Yoshiko Matsumoto
Yoshiko Matsumoto, co-chair

Orrin "Rob" Robinson
Rob Robinson, co-chair

Peter Sells, co-chair



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