Proposal language suggested for contracts and subcontracts

Wherever possible, proposals for contracts or subcontracts should include the following paragraph. This not only advises the sponsor of our policies related to openness, publishability, and nondiscrimination, but it also incorporates that information by reference in final contracts.

Stanford University is a nonprofit U.S. institution of higher education which conducts fundamental research in basic and applied science and engineering, which is widely and openly published and made available to the scientific and academic community. Stanford does not undertake classified work or research requiring national security controls. Based on the University's Openness in Research policy and federal laws prohibiting discrimination based on nationality, country of origin, ethnicity, gender, race, or religion, Stanford cannot accept any conditions of award which would restrict any members of the research group, including faculty, students and staff, from the ability to participate fully in all of the intellectually significant portions of the project.
Information about ITAR, export restrictions and openness

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