Grace Baysinger

Grace Baysinger1996 Marsh O'Neill Award Winner

Grace Baysinger, who has been at Stanford since 1989, is the head librarian and bibliographer for the Swain Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

In winning the 1996 Marsh O'Neill Award, Baysinger was hailed by faculty members in the chemistry department for her expertise in keeping them abreast of advances in information technology. She conducts training sessions for faculty members, teaching assistants and students on using the latest software and conducting online searches.

Thomas Wandless, assistant professor in the chemistry department, credits Baysinger with helping faculty and students take advantage of cutting-edge resources in chemistry and biochemistry. Wandless, one of several faculty members who nominated Baysinger for the award, said the contributions of Baysinger and her staff have had an impact beyond research. "It's spilled over into the teaching aspects as well," he said. "They've made it possible for the professors in the department to have their students use a lot of 'state of the science' technology. I'm incredibly pleased that she won."

One of the highlights of Baysinger's job has been her contribution to Chemistry 130 and 132, a sophomore-level course in which students are asked to identify a chemical unknown. Before the class meets, Baysinger conducts a training session for teaching assistants. She also gives a 50-minute lecture to the course's 350 students early in the quarter on conducting online searches. "We've moved from using printed handbooks to electronic handbooks," Baysinger said. She has facilitated departmental access to Chemical Abstracts On Line, and she makes sure everyone is trained to use it efficiently.

"It was a pleasant surprise to get nominated," said Baysinger. "I have a great staff. If not for their support and all their hard work, I wouldn't be getting this award."

From the Stanford News, December 3, 1996

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