Droni Chiu

Droni Chiu1994 Marsh O'Neill Award Winner

Droni Chiu, department administrator in the Chemistry Department, has been honored for her support of Stanford's research enterprise with the Marsh O'Neill Award for1994.

Chiu, who has been at Stanford since 1978, has been department administrator in chemistry since June 1991. Previously, she was an administrator in the Department of Physics. She joined Stanford as conference coordinator in the Medical School's Division of Cardiology, and then spent three years as financial aid administrator in the Medical School's Office of Student Affairs and four years as administrative services manager in the department of Family, Community and Preventive Medicine.

Chiu, a resident of Cupertino, earned a bachelor's degree in social relations from Radcliffe and a master's degree from the Simmons School of Social Work in Boston.

In chemistry, Chiu is responsible for planning and operations for the largest science department in the School of Humanities and Sciences. Chemistry has 25 faculty members, a staff of 50, 230 graduate students and 80 postdoctoral scholars. Chiu helps manage an annual consolidated budget of $18 million.

She recently has been involved in helping the department get through an $18.5 million construction project, the renovation of Stauffer I and II buildings.

"Droni is an indispensable part of the research enterprise in chemistry," a faculty member wrote in nominating Chiu. "Since taking over as our departmental administrator, she has vitalized the department and streamlined our operations immeasurably."

Chiu's expertise in dealing with personnel matters was cited by several nominators.

Another professor praised her management with respect to the renovation of the Stauffer laboratories while people attempted to work in them. "The attention she placed on this project alone would have been more than a full time job."

Chiu said other Chemistry staff members took over many daily operational tasks when the Stauffer project required Chiu's full attention.

"Many deserve to share this award with me," she said. "I'm only one member of an extremely dedicated, hard-working team".

From the Stanford News, December 14, 1994

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