Robert Kernoff

Robert Kernoff1993 Marsh O'Neill Award Winner

Robert S. Kernoff, a senior research scientist in the division of cardiovascular medicine in the Department of Medicine, has been honored for his support of Stanford's research enterprise with the Marsh O'Neill Award for 1993.

Kernoff has played a prominent role in the cardiology research program for the past 22 years, having worked as research laboratory supervisor in the Cardiovascular Medicine Department since 1972. In his time at Stanford, he has directly participated in about 100 published investigative projects.

"Bob Kernoff has single-handedly developed an investigational laboratory at Stanford to support technology research," Dr. Stephen Oesterle wrote in his nomination letter. "Over the last 20 years, he has quietly worked without much in the way of internal support to build a laboratory that is recognized throughout the United States as being one of the outstanding venues for the evolution of new technologies."

Dr. Norman Shumway wrote, "Bob is an all-around individual who plays many roles and has, in my opinion, made stars out of a number of faculty members of the Cardiology Division.

"He is just as good a veterinarian as anyone with that license and degree, and he is a superb experimental surgeon who can make any type of preparation for physiological studies," Shumway wrote.

Oesterle concurred with Shumway's assessment of Kernoff's surgical skills.

"While a medic in Viet Nam, [Kernoff] learned various surgical techniques, which has allowed him to operate independently in the animal lab," Oesterle wrote. "He has essentially trained himself as a self-styled cardiac surgeon with operating skills at the highest level. Not only has he trained a generation of fellows in these surgical techniques, but [he] has been able to marshal most of the faculty through their large animal experiments".

From the Stanford News, January 5, 1994

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