Office of the President

Gerhard Casper 22 April 1999

To: All Stanford Principal Investigators

From: Gerhard Casper

Subject: Information and Instruction for Stanford Principal Investigators

When a Principal Investigator accepts sponsored funding, he or she does so on behalf of Stanford University under the terms and conditions of the award. While we maintain a very high level of compliance with these terms and conditions, we must never take our responsibility for prudent stewardship of sponsored funding for granted.

Increasingly, the requirements with respect to the use of these funds, particularly federal funds, have become more complex, and the exposure of the University as a result of any errors is greater than before. Consequently, I have requested the Vice Provost and Dean of Research and Graduate Policy and the Associate Vice President for Research Administration to organize and conduct a series of seminars for all PIs to address basic roles, responsibilities, and requirements with respect to the conduct of sponsored projects.

These seminars will be hosted by your school or department beginning later this spring. They will address the seriousness of these matters, cover current topics of concern in the administration of sponsored projects and identify the staff and informational resources available to you. For those who are unable to attend a seminar, the material will be maintained on the web.

Your individual participation is important to the success of this program. We want to ensure that all Principal Investigators either attend one of the seminars or study the material on the web. Those who do not do so may lose their privileges as a Principal Investigator to submit proposals or to establish sponsored accounts.

Specific details regarding these seminars will be forthcoming from your school dean in the near future. The sessions are designed to be brief, informative, and helpful. Your attendance will help assure that as a community, Stanford University will continue to maintain appropriate standards of financial accountability.