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This site is designed for Stanford staff members whose work in some way supports Stanford's research enterprise, particularly for those who are new to this work or new to Stanford. More experienced staff and researchers may find the site helpful as a reference tool.

Stanford staff who wish to explore more in-depth training in this area, leading to possible certification, should review the Cardinal Curriculum web site.

These pages are organized to introduce the following topics:

  1. Research at Stanford University

  2. Vocabulary and definitions

  3. Regulations governing research design and methods

  4. Regulations governing project finances

  5. Financial issues in project management

  6. The "life cycle" of a Stanford project

  7. Resources ·· people and information.

On every page in this site, you will have the opportunity to send an email message to a knowledgeable resource. Just click on "Ask the experts," and you will get a reply by return e-mail. You may also "Test your knowledge" by answering multiple-choice questions on each topic. These are for your information and reference only - no scores of correct or incorrect responses are retained.

The panel on the left will also provide links to Stanford policies and other tools related to the topic of the page. In addition, explanation, clarifications and other resources will be provided in the "feature" boxes, including the one here.

Getting Started in Research at Stanford

Words that appear in color in the text - for example, the sections listed above - are also active links.

Use the navigation buttons below to explore this site. To advance to the first topic, use the "Next" button below. Use the "Feedback" button if you have any difficulties with the site, or if you have a suggestion or comment about its organization or content.

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