6.  The "Life Cycle" of
      a Sponsored Project

From Proposal to Closeout   



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Stanford University has both central administrative functions and organizations, as well as local administrative processes within its schools and departments. In following a project along the "roadmap" shown above, the research administrator will typically coordinate and communicate with:

> the individual PI

> department administration

> Department Chair

> School Dean and
   Dean's office

> Dean of Research Office
> Office of Sponsored

> Controller's Office

> Office of Technology Licensing

> Internal Audit Department

In addition, the following offices provide critical support for research administration at Stanford:

The "roadmap" at the top of this page is typically divided chronologically into :

  1. PREAWARD activity, involving the development, review, approval and submission of proposals and the negotiation of awards,
Proposal Preparation
OSR Resource Page
  1. POSTAWARD activity, involving the establishment of accounts, monitoring of project expenditures, reporting and closeout.
Project Expenditure
Review Checklist

The regulatory environment adds complexity at every step along the way, from requirements for protocol approvals in advance of an award to closeout requirements and record retention. Policies in these areas may change in response to external and internal requirements. Every individual involved in the process needs to stay informed and in touch with others in several different organizations in order to assure the project is supported at every step.

Effective research administration at Stanford requires knowledge of process, policies and resources.


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