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Knowing where to go to get answers to questions is an important component of the educational process - as much for staff learning the requirements of a complex job as for the Stanford students in this picture.

This web site presents information on a number of issues related to the administration of sponsored projects at Stanford. It cannot however answer all of the questions that may come up in the course of proposing and conducting research at Stanford.

Administrators need to know where to go to get answers to questions. One place to look is on the web. The resources in the panel on the left will connect you to collections of resources referenced throughout this overview.

In addition, there are experts in both central administrative offices, and within your School. Use the box on the right to identify some of those individuals, and contact them when you have questions. Research
Resource Guide

Stanford University appreciates your contributions and extends its best wishes for your continued success in this important work.


After going through this complete tutorial, you may use this "Course Completion " link to record your completion of FIN 650B, the online version of FIN 650, Overview of Sponsored Projects Administration. Entering a record of course completion requires a SUNet ID and password (the identification for an @stanford email address).

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