Sponsored Projects Administration
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Resources Indexed Below:
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A-21, Cost Principles
A-21, OMB Circular
Activity/Account (Stanford)
Administrative Guide (Stanford policies)
Administrative/Clerical expenses
Administrative Panels
Allocability, cost principle
Allowability, cost principle
"Ask the Experts" links

Classes for research administrators
Conflict of interest
Cost Policy
Cost Principles, examples
Cost Principles, explanation
Cost Sharing
Cost transfers

Dean of Research (Stanford office)
Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)
Expenditure review/certification

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) costs
Faculty, honors

General Legder (GL) codes

Human Subjects in research

Indirect costs
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Intellectual property
Internal Audit Department (Stanford office)

Laboratory animals in research

Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Office of Naval Research
Office of Research Administration (Stanford office)
Office of Sponsored Research (Stanford office)
Office of Technology Licensing (Stanford office)
OMB Circular A-21

Postaward administration
Preaward administration
Principal Investigator (PI)
Proposal preparation
Principles Concerning Research, Stanford statement

Reasonableness, cost principle
Research, Stanford University programs
    Center for Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (BioX)
    Center for Integrated Systems (CIS)
    Gravity Probe B (GP-B)
    Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)
    Stanford Learning Lab
Resources, research administration
Research Policy Handbook (Stanford policies)

Salary caps (NIH)
Site organization
Sponsored Project, definition
Stanford acronyms/abbreviations
SU-42 (Stanford form)

Terminology, research administration
"Test your knowledge" links
Transfers of expenses

Unallowable costs
University Property Administration (Stanford office)

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Stanford Policies
referenced in
this site

RPH  >

AGM  >

All Administrative Guide Memos are PDF files.
Code of Conduct for Business Activities (AGM 15)
Committees, Councils and Governing Boards (RPH 1.1)
Cost Policy (AGM 34.5)

Definitions and Categories of Sponsored Projects (RPH 3.2)

Principal Investigatorship Eligibility and Criteria for Exceptions (RPH 2.4)
Principles Concerning Research (RPH 2.1)

Rights and Responsibilities in the Conduct of Research (RPH 2.2)

Scientific Misconduct: Policy on Allegations, Investigations and Reporting (RPH 2.5)

University Organization (AGM 11)

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Other Resources
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Audit Survival Guide

Cardinal Curriculum Research Administration Training site

   Expenditure Review
   Transfers of expense

Controller's Office Resources

Equipment Coding Process Map
Expenditure Review Checklist

Getting Started in Research at Stanford
Glossary, Research Administration terminology (UCLA site)
Glossary, Stanford Accounting terminology (Stanford Corefin site)

On Being a Scientist, National Academy of Sciences publication
Organizations charts (Stanford):
    Chief Financial Officer
    Dean of Research

Research information (Stanford Home Page)
Research Centers at Stanford, list of
Resource Pages
    Controller's Office Resources Page
    Laboratory Animals
    Proposal Routing and Approval

Stanford Report Online (Research news)

Transfer Checklist
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Office of Research Administration, which includes:
   Office of Sponsored Research, (formerly SPO and GCA)
   Cost and Management Analysis
   Property Management Office

Dean of Research and Graduate Policy, which includes:
   Environmental Health & Safety
   Research Compliance Office (Administrative Panels)

Controller's Office

Internal Audit Department

Office of Technology Licensing

Engineering Research Administration
   (School of Engineering)

Research Management Group
   (School of Medicine)
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