Introduction–SU Laboratory Chemical Safety Toolkit

A) Purpose of the Toolkit

The Laboratory Chemical Safety Toolkit is an on-line compendium to Stanford University’s formal¬†Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). This toolkit provides guidance to Principal Investigators (PIs)/ Laboratory Supervisors and laboratory personnel on compliance with the institutional Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Regulatory Driver
California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) enforces the regulatory standard entitled Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories, 8CCR5191, which requires all laboratories using hazardous chemicals to take specific safety measures to ensure safe laboratory operations.

B) Doing Your Part
  • Implementing the Stanford University’s CHP is the joint responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI)/Laboratory Supervisor and the laboratory personnel.
    • Review your laboratory safety responsibilities in the toolkit section, “Getting Started.”
  • The online Toolkit provides the necessary guidance to help you to establish the following key elements of the Institutional Chemical Hygiene Plan:
    • Safety training
    • General lab practices
    • Safe operating procedures
    • Required work approvals
    • Laboratory inspections
    • Emergency procedures
  • Creating a Laboratory-Specific Chemical Safety Plan:
    To aid in compiling your lab’s safety information for easy reference, you have the option to create a Laboratory-Specific Chemical Safety Plan. Below are instructions on how to construct your local plan:

    1. Print out a Laboratory Chemical Safety Plan (Note: This document is pre-formatted for double-sided printing).
    2. Add on lab-specific safety documents that can be created using the Toolkit, including standard operating procedures, required work approvals, safety training records, and laboratory inspections records.
    3. EH&S is available to assist with preparation and/or review of your Laboratory-Specific Chemical Safety Plan. Please contact the Safety & Compliance Advisor for your building.