Restricted Chemicals & High Risk Procedures (Prior Approval and Special Precautions)

Summary: Prior approval is the process whereby laboratory personnel seek permission and the PI/Lab Supervisor grants approval for the use of Restricted Chemicals.Laboratory personnel should consult with PI/Laboratory Supervisors on certain higher risk chemical usage and operations in their laboratories so that special safety precautions can be taken, where appropriate.
What to do? How
For use of Restricted Chemicals, obtain prior approval before you execute the operation
  1. Complete Documenting SOP Review and PI Approval ; OR
  2. PI/Laboratory Supervisor signs and dates laboratory personnel’s laboratory notebook and indicates approval for the process, procedure or activity; OR
  3. PI/Laboratory Supervisor provides other written approval (e.g., via e-mail or memo).
  4. Retain record of prior approval for at least one year.
Consult with PI/Lab Supervisor on higher risk chemical usage and operations Consultation can include, but is not limited to discussion regarding special hazards, safety precautions, and review of applicable standard operating procedures.