Connecting Projector LP 335 to Laptop Computer


There are six steps to connect a projector to the laptop for a presentation.

1. Connect the projector with the laptop using the M1-DA analog computer cable
2. Plug in the projector to the power switch
3. Turn on the projector's lamp
4. Adjust the image position: Elevating, Zooming, Focus
5. Plug in the laptop to the power switch
6. Turn on the laptop
… Present!!!

See the attached picture for a clear picture instruction!
If you like to see the image on the laptop before present to the audience, press the Fn key and the F7 (or F5) key at the same time. To switch it back, do this again. Use the toggle button (Fn+CRT/LCD) combo a couple of times until both displays, Laptop and Projector will be active.

Some other important information:

InFocus projector must have both following settings turned ON; under the projector's own menu, (Menu button on top of projector) go to the Image menu and choose AutoImage - ON and Resize - ON.

1. To use the "InFocus" projector, press the source button on the projector to select "Computer Analog" for presentation.

2. Remote control is not available in Window's 95 laptops.

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