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Household Toxics Disposal Options

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is currently working on long-term and convenient disposal options for disposal of household hazardous waste generated by campus residents (students, faculty and staff). These wastes include but are not limited to automotive wastes, batteries, paints, pesticides, household cleaners and electronic items.

Hazardous wastes generated by residents are regulated differently than wastes generated through research and capital improvement activities on campus.

For current disposal options, please refer to the following list:

  • Batteries (all types): contact Heather Perry at (650) 723-1308 or visit
  • Electronic Items: Contact Chris Craig at Chris Craig at (650) 723-0654.
  • Mercury Containing Items (thermometers, switches, fluorescent tubes, etc.): Contact Heather Perry at (650) 723-1308.
  • Other Household Toxics: Santa Clara County’s Department of Environmental Health has frequent household hazardous waste drop off events in addition to a permanent drop off facility in Sunnyvale. Contact the County at: (408) 299-7300 to schedule an appointment.
All Other Questions related to short and long term household toxics disposal options for student- and resident-generated household toxics, please contact Chris Craig at (650) 723-0654.

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