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Asbestos Program Information

Asbestos Notification

State law (Connelly Act) requires employers to notify employees of known asbestos-containing construction materials located in buildings constructed prior to 1981. This notification is provided to new Stanford employees and distributed to all employees on an annual basis by means of a postcard distributed by Human Resources. The postcard contains a link to the on-line notification, which is available in both English and Spanish versions. Click on the following links to view the current notification in English or Spanish:

Asbestos Notification

Este documento en espanol

What's Asbestos?

Click here for a Fact Sheet on asbestos, known uses on campus, health risks, and ways to protect you and others from exposure.

Building Survey Information

Asbestos building survey summaries are available to the campus community via a searchable on-line database. Survey data for each building is presented in a tabular format that is periodically revised and expanded to include new survey or abatement information. Click here to view surveys.

Asbestos Management Plan

Stanford's protocols and procedures for managing asbestos and asbestos-related hazards are contained in a written Asbestos Management Plan (AMP). Click here to view the AMP Table of Contents for an overview of the Plan's elements.

Facility Design & Construction Standard

Stanford's Facility Design & Construction Standard (FDCS) is a guidance document used by architects and engineers in charge of developing construction plans and specifications. A section of the FDCS describes contractor health & safety requirements for asbestos, lead and other EH&S related issues.

Links to State and Local Asbestos Regulatory Standards

Cal/OSHA Asbestos Standard - General Industry

Cal/OSHA Asbestos Standard - Construction

California Air Resources Board Asbestos Information

Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Regulation 11, Rule 2