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Building Assessment Team (BAT)

Every year, new and returning BAT members convene at Tresidder Union to review procedures for assessing the condition of buildings after a major earthquake. Team members are trained to identify any of eight specific signs of damage that could indicate that the structure of a building was compromised by shaking during an earthquake. Team members study the material in the ATC 20-1, Field Manual: Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings. In addition to training, team members receive a BAT pack filled with all the necessary equipment to conduct their assessments.

BAT teams are 100% volunteer. They can be any University faculty or staff member who is interested in helping after an Earthquake. If you volunteer to be a BAT, we ask that you make a commitment to return to the University as soon as possible after a major earthquake to help with the building assessments. The University has over 800 buildings, so we are always looking for more volunteers.

Current BAT Pack Documents: (March, 2016)

            BAT Pack Content List

            BAT Building Sign

            BAT Pocket Guide

            Campus Emergency Plan Summary

            Map of DOC locations

New BAT Training:

            Training Class Slides (part 1)

            Training Class Slides (part 2)

Refresher BAT Training:

            Training Class Slides (part 1)

            Training Class Slides (part 2)


For more information about emergency preparedness at Stanford, call Environmental Health & Safety at (650) 723-0448 or email us here.

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