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Stanford's Injury & Illness Prevention Program
Emergency Preparedness
Fire Safety
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Safety & Compliance Assistance Program



Emergency Management Steering Committee
Provides general oversight for the entire planning process and meets regularly to address mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery issues

Emergency Levels
A ranking that classifies Stanford emergencies according to their severity and potential impact
Level 1 = Minor, localized emergency
Level 2 = Major incident that disrupts operations
Level 3 = Disaster involving the campus and community

EMT - Emergency Management Team
A team drawn from the University's senior administrative and academic management, that coordinates the campus emergency response to major incidents

STAT - Situation Triage & Assessment Team
A subset of the EMT that coordinates the response to mid-level emergencies

EOC - Emergency Operations Center
A management center where the EMT coordinates the University's emergency decisions and resources

ICS - Incident Command System
An emergency management model used by California governments that has been adapted for use at the Stanford EOC

SOC - Satellite Operations Center
Emergency management centers in Deans, Vice Presidents, and Directors' areas that interface between the University EOC and campus departments

Emergency Information Hotlines
Dedicated telephones that disseminate recorded emergency bulletins
-Campus Hotline = 725-5555
-Student Hotline = 497-9000
-Hospital Hotline = 498-8888

EAP - Emergency Assembly Point
Outdoor evacuation locations for each Stanford building


Emergency Plans


For more information about emergency preparedness at Stanford, call us at 723-0448 or email EH&S