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Safety & Compliance Assistance Program



All University personnel are required (per Cal/OSHA 8 CCR 3203) to complete general and job-specific safety training to protect themselves from potential workplace hazards. As part of their required safety responsibilities, supervisors provide training and maintain records as described below.

  • General safety training requirements
    • All employees - Complete General Safety and Emergency Preparedness (EHS 4200), available online via STARS (
    • Supervisors - Additionally complete Supervisor Health and Safety Responsibilities (EHS 5400), available online via STARS (
  • Job-specific safety training for staff
    For all work-specific hazards, provide training on safe operating procedures and protocols. Ensure personnel review and understand such procedures/protocols as well as other safety instructional documents. To help identify job-specific training needs, the following tools are available:
  • Records
    Supervisors are responsible for maintaining training records. Training documentation shall be retained for one year (unless otherwise specified).


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