Purchasing Prescription Safety Glasses

When employees are required to wear safety glasses AND have vision correction needs, employers shall provide the following:

Option 1: Appropriate ANSI Z87.1-approved safety glasses that can be worn over prescription lenses,


Option 2: Appropriate ANSI Z87.1-approved safety glasses with suitable corrected lenses

For purchasing prescription safety glasses, the following options are available:

  1. An EH&S-designated prescription safety eyewear vendor can be scheduled for group/ departmental events.
    • For more information, contact EH&S- Occupational Health and Safety Program at 650-723-0448.
  2. Off-Site Services - AO Safety (3M)
    1. Employee makes an appointment with offsite vendor listed on the 3M-provider website: http://www.3m.com/safetyrx
      (Click on "Eye Care Professional Locator" near bottom of the page).
    2. Employee to complete the following tasks prior to the appointment:
      1. Generate a Secure Credit Card ID (SCCID#): https://srx.3m.com/Apps/CCOps/Validate.aspx?OB=aosafetysrx
      2. Complete and print order form at: https://srx.3m.com/order/e-form.asp?OBN=0005000 (click on "View e-form" once all fields are completed).
      3. Bring both the completed order form as well as the employee's current prescription (eye exam results) to the appointment.

    NOTE: Employee is responsible for full payment to vendor, and may submit a Request for Reimbursement up to the contribution amount agreed upon by the Department.

For any questions, contact EH&S- Occupational Health and Safety Program at 723-0448.