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Workstation Evaluations

Stanford has a full time ergonomist to assist with work tasks and work station evaluations.

Here's what to do:

  1. Take the appropriate training:
    Training is available for computer ergonomics, safe lifting/manual handling, and laboratory ergonomics. Click the above link to see the available ergonomics training.
  2. Evaluate your workstation:
    Use guidelines discussed in the training to evaluate your workstation. Click the link above for further help. Work with your supervisor to identify and correct workplace deficiencies.
  3. Additional assistance:
    If you have completed the training and evaluated your workplace, and need additional help, contact EH&S at 736-4392.

For help with ergonomics the Stanford University community may contact EH&S at 723-0448 or email.

For more information, visit the STANFORD UNIVERSITY ERGONOMICS PROGRAM website at: