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Safety & Compliance Assistance Program


Research use of selected drugs and precursor chemicals are regulated by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and California Department of Justice (CA-DOJ).

To assist Stanford personnel comply with these regulations and Stanford University policy, specific institutional requirements have been established for the management of controlled substances and precursor chemicals.

AUTHORIZED RESEARCHER'S GUIDE -- Quick Guide to Learning about the Controlled Substances Program
  Flow Chart 1: Purchase and Use Approval Process for Controlled Substances
  Flow Chart 2: Purchase and Use Approval Process for Precursor Chemicals
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Faculty Seeking or Holding Individual Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Research Registrations
  CSP Form 1a – SU Controlled Substance Purchase Request Application
  CSP Form 1b – SU Controlled Substance Re-ordering Request
CSP Form 1c – SU Controlled Substance - Addition or Deletion of Authorized Researchers

CSP Form 2 – SU Controlled Substance Authorized Researcher Application

  CSP Form 3 – SU Controlled Substances Usage Log


CSP Form 4 – SU Controlled Substances Biennial Inventory Form
  CSP Form 5 – SU Precursor Chemical Purchase Request Application
  CSP Form 6 – SU Controlled Substances Disposal Request Form
  CSP Form 7 – SU Controlled Substance Periodic Inspection Checklist


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