Required Fields Table

Electronic chemical inventory records must include the following information, and each item must be given a separate field in your database, any descriptive field name is acceptable.


Field Description
building Building name or number
room Room name or number
inventory date Date inventory completed
chemical Full chemical or product name
quantity Numeric quantity (just a number no units)
unit Unit of measure (see table)
physical state Physical state at 22 C, 1atm (S = Solid, L = Liquid or G = Gas)
manufacturer Manufacturer name or 3 digit code
product number Catalog or product number
SU number SU chemical ID number (only if given in the prior inventory)
PI first name Principal Investigator's or Supervisor's first name
PI last name Principal Investigator's or Supervisor's last name
PI phone number Principal Investigator's or Supervisor's phone number
Additional fields specific to your lab Any other information that you want kept with each record (e.g., location)