Chemical Inventory Instructions


Instructions for Stanford Chemical Information Management System (SCIMS)

Chemical Storage Maps/ Notification Sheets

Questions and Answers

Why do we need the PI or shop supervisor’s name for the inventories?
Why do lab personnel have to do the inventory?
Why can’t we use abbreviations in chemical inventories?
Why must we include prefixes with chemical names?
Why can’t we simply use chemical formulas on inventories?
When is it appropriate to specify product names?
Why do we have to include manufacturer and product codes?
What should we put in the "location" field?
How should we specify units when doing inventories?
Why do the inventories have to be done by building, rather than by school or department or research group?
Why do some chemicals end up not classified?
Why do labs need to keep notification sheets up to date in the Life Safety Boxes?
What are the browser requirements for SCIMS?


Sample Chemical Storage Map
Manufacture's Code List
Hazard Code Table
Units of Measure Table
Required Fields Table
Regulations Requiring Chemical Inventories or Reporting at Stanford