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Chemical Safety
Health Physics
Laser Safety
Physical Safety in Labs
Medical Surveillance
Waste Management
Compliance Assistance Program
Laboratory Inspections
Laboratory Ergonomics
Laboratory Contingency Planning
Laboratory Design Guidelines

Safety & Compliance Assistance Program


Stanford Lab Safety Sheets

Air-Sensitive and highly reactive compounds

Anesthetic Gas Fact Sheet

Animal research protocols involving hazardous chemicals

Autoclave safety

Autoclave safety (in Spanish)

Alkali metals

Azide compounds

Biosafety cabinet use and safety

Centrifuge Safety

Cryogenic Vial Safety

Cyanide Compounds

Electrophoresis Safety

Hydrofluoric acid

Laboratory Fume Hood Testing with Nitrous Oxide

Peroxide formers

Picric acid

Piranha solutions

Safe Operation of Shop Machinery

Shop Machinery Guidelines For Supervisors

Warm and cold rooms: safe work practices

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