Stanford University
Environmental Health and Safety

Stanford University Information:

Stanford University Background on Santa Clara County's Toxic Gas Ordinance

Stanford University - Required Actions for Regulated, Exempt, and Non-regulated Toxic Gas Operations

Stanford University's TGO Table

Stanford University: What Researchers Need to Do In Preparation for Operations Involving Exempt Quantities of Toxic Gas

Stanford University Chemical Hygiene Plan - Prior Approval Requirement for Use of Toxic Gases

Stanford Toxic Gas Alarm Systems

Stanford University Toxic Gas System Maintenance Responsibility

Guidelines: Fire and Gas Emergency Monitoring Operational Matrix

Stanford University Compressed Gas Leak Test Procedure

Restricted Flow Orifices

Santa Clara
County (SCCo) Toxic Gas Documents:

SCCo Toxic Gas Ordinance

UNIDOCS – Toxic and Compressed Gas Storage and Handling

Common Toxic Gases as Defined by the Toxic Gas Ordinance and CFC

TGO: Limited and Research Facility Standard for Limited-Use Compliance

TGO: Limited-Use Laboratory and Research Experiment Notification Form

Hazardous Materials Storage Program Violation Codes Toxic Gases

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