Request for Pre-Placement Laser Eye Examination
for Users of Class 3B and 4 lasers)

To communicate requests to have an eye examination, fill out and submit the form, below. After submitting the form, wait two days, and then call the Stanford University Occupational Health Center (SUOHC) (650-725-5308) to schedule an appointment.

Be sure to identify yourself as desiring a "Pre-placement Laser Eye Exam". Health Physics will have given SUOHC your name.

For assistance on laser safety questions call Arefeh Shanjani, 725-1411; e-mail:
Or call the Health Physics office at: 723-3201.

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Name of person Requesting (First, Middle Initial, Last Name) *Requester's e-mail
Requester's Phone Number Department or Division where you work with lasers
Building and Room # where laser installation is located Principal Investigator Name

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After you submit the request you will receive the confirmation of your order, the time and the date of your submission and all items you checked. You can print out this confirmation by using the Browser command on the tool bar: File->Print.

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