Radiation Safety Manual 1997 (updated August, 2004)
Sample Film Badge Report

Film badge reports are mailed to projects or departments monthly. The most recent report should be posted. Previous reports should be filed in the Radioisotope Journal at Tab 7.

Sample Film Badge Report form:
sample film badge report.GIF (115509 bytes)
1--Usually whole body or hand 2--G1 is whole body film; U3, U4 are right and left hand TLDs 3--Photons of low, medium, or high energy; beta; neutron 4--Penetrating, lens, and skin dose in millirems 5, 6--Dose for calendar quarter and year 7--First issue
8--Last administrative change 9--Number of current year reports issued 10--Dose based on Health Physics calculation 11--Dose calculated from multiple dosimeters 12, 13--Miscellaneous notes; call Health Physics if you have a question