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Downloadable Take-Away Reference Sheets

A number of the EHS online training courses have .pdf files that contain references and links supporting the course's content.

They also contain a "What to do Next" list, providing steps you should take after completing the online courses.

You may download and/or print these files from the links given below.

EHS-1500: Biosafety "What to do Next" and Reference Document

EHS-1900: Chemical Safety for Laboratories "What to do Next" and Reference Document

Managing Hazardous Chemical Waste "What to do Next" and Reference Document (this material is covered in EHS-1900)

EHS-2200: Compressed Gas Safety "What to do Next" and Reference Document

EHS-4200: General Safety, Injury Prevention (IIPP) and Emergency Preparedness "What to do Next" and Reference Document

EHS-4875: Life Sciences Research Laboratory Safety Training Reference Documents: Download the Biosafety, Chemical Safety, Hazardous Chemical Waste and Compressed Gas reference documents above.

EHS-5225: Controlled Substances Reference Document

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