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Safety & Compliance Assistance Program


Safetytrain is a collection of programs to help the SU community live and work safely while promoting a sustainable environment. Some of the Safetytrain programs are mandated by state and federal regulations.

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Hazardous waste tags
Safetytrain includes support for safe procedures in labs and other work areas, active maintenance of hazardous materials, and emergency planning for events such as earthquakes or pandemics.
safety goggles

Safetytrain courses are available in convenient formats: from online options to scheduled courses presented quarterly. EH&S also provides custom on-site training programs on request, to meet unique needs of departments and supervisors.


title of a training course: why label water?















Click the following links for Safetytrain information and support:

Training: Determine what training you need
  Read Safetytrain course descriptions
  How to register for Safetytrain courses
  Having trouble accessing a Safetytrain course? Click here for help!


Other Support: Access safety videos and other support materials that don't require registration
  Access safety support materials for Stanford University supervisors
  Read Stanford Health and Safety training policies


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