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How to Register:

Some courses are online, and may be taken at your convenience, anytime. Instructor-based courses may be offered at a regularly scheduled time, such as monthly or quarterly, or by special arrangements. The registration method for each course is listed with the course description.

For some courses you are asked to register online directly through STARS. STARS is an enterprise-wide course management system that allows Stanford to maintain training records for all members of the Stanford community, and all classes that are taken through it. This is more than convenience, as Stanford is responsible for maintaining training records for many of our safety-compliance courses.

If the course description requests that you enroll in a course through STARS, you may want to download and print these directions:

Steps for Enrolling In and Launching a STARS course

Note that while some course descriptions may ask you to call an EH&S person rather than registering through STARS, most EH&S compliance-oriented training is eventually recorded in STARS. If you have any questions about where you can find a record of compliance training you have taken at Stanford, call the ITSS Help Desk at 725-HELP (5-4357) for assistance.

Some courses--like Bloodborne Pathogens or DOT:Shipping Biological Goods or Dry Ice--require you to update your training annually. STARS/AXESS will send you an email when it is time for you to retake the course. However, the registration steps are slightly different for these courses.

If you need to register and take (or retake) Bloodborne Pathogensor DOT: Shippin gBiological Goods or Dry Ice, these directions may help:

Enrolling in a STARS Certification Program

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