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Safety Training Video List - Electrical Safety and Emergency Response

On-Line Videos

8.1 “Electrical Safety”
Tel-A-Train (1983)
Lecture format film for industrial workers that discusses how and why electricity kills. Deals mainly with low voltages and everyday handling and protection measures.
8.2 “Lockout/Tagout: Your Lock on Safety”
Business Training Systems (1994) (Kept in Training office)
An overview of the OSHA standard, describes various types of energy hazards, and explains the proper procedure for locking and tagging out.
See also: 10.1 “Better Safe”
10.3 “Fire Protection/Electrical Safety”
9.1 “Emergency Response”
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (1995)
Responding to emergencies in the modern biology laboratory.
Covers emergency response procedures for:
• Radiation Spills
• Chemical Spills
• Biological Spills
• Personal Injury
• Fires
9.2 “Hazmat-Scene Management For First Responders”
San Diego Fire Department (1985)
Establishes guidelines for first responders who must deal with hazardous materials. Includes graphic footage from real incidents to demonstrate the importance of safety when responding to an incident where hazardous materials are present. Good for Emergency Response Team personnel.
9.3 “RCRA - Incident Response”
ITI Inc. (1991)
Actions and precautions to be taken when responding to a hazardous materials or waste spill. Recommended for Chemical Waste Program staff and emergency response personnel.
9.4 “RCRA - Incident Response”
ITI Inc. (1992)
Procedure and hazards involved in the response to a hazardous waste incident. The video emphasizes thinking and effective clean-up methods. (Similar to 9.3)

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