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Safety Training Video List - Hazardous Waste

On-Line Videos


The required training is available on CD-ROM. These videos are for supplemental informative use only.

14.1 I: “Hazardous Waste”
Lawrence Berkeley Labs (1991)
A quick overview of the general guidelines for storage, disposal, transfer and labeling of hazardous material on a college campus. Some information may be specific to Lawrence Berkeley Labs.
II: “Radioactive and Mixed Wastes”
Lawrence Berkeley Labs (1991)
Gives instructions on the handling, storage and pick up of radioactive and mixed wastes. Some of the information given may be specific to Lawrence Berkeley Labs.
14.2 “Hazardous Chemical Waste Management”
TRT-SITN (1996)
Covers the Chemical Waste program at Stanford. Gives definitions of a hazardous waste, waste labeling, procedures for disposal, and some options for reducing the amount of waste generated in the lab.
14.3 “RCRA - Hazardous Waste Training”
ITI Inc. (1991)
For Chemical Waste Program staff. It is also useful for facilities, housing, and hospital staff involved in waste shipment and manifesting.
14.4 “RCRA - Hazardous Waste Training”
ITI Inc. (1992)
A good survey of regulatory requirements. Covers the general RCRA requirements including labeling, marking, and manifesting, etc..
(Similar to 14.3)

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