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Safety Training Video List - Office Safety and Personal Protective Equipment

On-Line Videos

20.1 “A Safe Workstation is No Accident”
University of Washington (1993)
Provides guidelines that can help create a comfortable work environment and help reduce the risks of serious body aches, eyestrain, and other debilitating conditions.
20.3 “Working Safely With Video Display Terminals”
Gives some brief tips on how to develop a safe and comfortable work station.
• Consequences of poor posture
• Equipment
• How to reduce injuries and illnesses.
21.1 “Danger Zone - Personal Protective Equipment”
Summit Training Source, Inc. (1991)
Gives a summary of the ways to protect against workplace hazards by using protective equipment. Explains how to select, fit test, and care for protective equipment
21.2 I: “The Invisible Hazard”
Summit Training Source (1993)
Shows how the respiratory system functions, what hazards affect the system and how to fit test respiratory protective equipment.
II: “Air Purifying Respirators”
Summit Training Source (1993)
Good training video which gives brief, but informative instruction on correct use and maintenance of respirators.
21.3 “Personal Protective Equipment From Head To Toe”
Elkins Productions
Overview of different PPE for the head, eyes, face, hands, and feet. Discusses what kind of PPE should be used for which job and how to clean & care for PPE.
21.7 “In The Blink of an Eye"
Prevent Blindness America (1996)

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