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22.1 “ADA - Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts. AKA Close Encounters of the Disabling Kind”
California Chamber of Commerce (1992)
Uses dramatization to demonstrate complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Deals specifically with how managers must comply with hiring and interviewing rules. Helps dispel myths while emphasizing appropriate behavior.
22.2 “ADA-What Every Manager Must Know” California Chamber of Commerce (1992) 15:00
Gives the basics of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its effects. It provides managers and employers with important information for complying with the act.
22.3 “The Manager's Role in the Company”
California Chamber of Commerce (1992)
Introduction to the importance of the manager in the smooth running of any business. Covers the role of the manager with regard to an employee handbook, and enforcement of company policy.
22.4 “SB 198 - Manager's Responsibilities”
California Chamber of Commerce (1992)
Gives a detailed explanation of SB-198, The Injury and Illness Prevention Program and a manager's responsibility to maintain a safe workplace for employees.
22.5 “SB 198 - Employee Safety Training"
California Chamber of Commerce (1992)
Provides general safety training on topics including:
• Accident and hazard reporting
• Proper use of tools
22.6 “Supervising Safety-You Make The Difference”
ITS (1985)
Directed toward supervisors who work in an industrial setting. Demonstrates how supervisors can establish and maintain a safe work environment.
22.7 “Thinking it Through: The Mark of the Professional Supervisor”
ITS (1990)
Discusses the responsibility of the manager and employer for the safety and health of the employees.
• Liability and penalty
• OSHA regulations and laws
22.8 “Your Employee Handbook”
California Chamber of Commerce (1992)
Talks about the purpose of the employee handbook. Deals with the benefits derived from its use for the employer and employee.
See also: 13.4 “Hazardous Communication: Supervisory Overview”

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