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Budgeting for Events

Funding Determinations

Budgeting is a critical part of the event planning process. It is important to develop an effective budget from which you can rely so appropriate decisions and adjustments, if necessary, can be made. As the event sponsor, you will be expected to manage the finances of the event and communicate with members of your planning group so that everyone understands what expenditures can and cannot be made. After the event, compare your budget outline with the actual expenses incurred.

Proposed budgets should also be submitted to your department chair and/or school dean for initial review and approval (see Event Requirements).

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Reviewing the Event’s Needs

Before making a commitment to hold the event, examine the financial elements involved, considering cost and the funds you have on hand for this event. If there is a shortage of funds, revisit your expectations and determine whether you wish to scale down and change the overall approach. You may also wish to consider whether financial assistance can be obtained from other sources (e.g., ticketing or registration fees, and co-sponsorships with other Stanford departments).

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Building the Budget and Expense Checklist

Consider some of the sample items listed below. You may not need all of these and may have others you wish to incorporate into your budget:

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Event Planning Assistance and Resources

Please let us know how we may help you as you plan and budget for your event.

Campus Departments:

For questions and further planning assistance, please contact us:
Office of Special Events & Protocol (OSEP)

Student Groups:

For questions and further planning assistance, please contact:
Student Activities & Leadership (SAL)

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