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Use of Main Quad & Memorial Court Policy

Main Quad and Memorial Church

Main Quadrangle

The Main Quadrangle and Memorial Court are part of Stanford University's academic preserve due to their locations at the heart of the campus. To protect and enhance their historic status, University policy limits activities primarily to established or traditional ceremonies and events.

Established, traditional major University ceremonies and events include those related to New Student Orientation, Commencement Weekend, Family Weekend, Admit Weekend, Reunion Homecoming, and Founders’ Day.

Unscheduled events and other unsanctioned gatherings such as any activities with amplified sound, marches, rallies, and performances are prohibited.

Event on the Quad in front of Memorial Court

Memorial Court

Other General Usage Requirements

Requests for waivers to reserve either the Main Quad or Memorial Court must be submitted at least 60 days in advance and in writing to the Office of Office of Special Events & Protocol (OSEP). Exceptions may be granted only in extraordinary cases.

Photo of Memorial Court looking towards the Main Quad